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Pool Table Room Sizing Guide

Will my new table fit my room?

When buying a UK style UK Pool/Snooker table - or a football or air hockey table - it is important to check the size of the room to see if your intended table will fit. If a table is too large for the room you may not enjoy playing on it.


A good idea is to draw a plan of the room and measure it at the nearest points to where your table is intended to stand. Do not measure into bay windows or to the recesses of a fireplace. All large furniture should be outside the measurements.

Positioning a table diagonally in a room is not a good option, as the corner pockets are brought closer to the walls.

Below you will find a guide for the room sizes for different sized UK Pool/Snooker tables.

The minimum room size measurements allow for normal shots to taken with a standard length cue. Awkward long shots, or shots hard against the cushion will require shorter cues.

The preferred room size measurements allow room for the majority of shots using standard length cues.

Table Size Minimum Room Size
6' x 3'6" 13' x 11' (3.96m x 3.4m)
7' x 4'" 15' x 12'6" (4.57m x 3.8m)

Shorter cues can be supplied to accomodate rooms with awkward corners or where space is at a premium.

Please note: The UK table size refers to the external measurements of the table. The playing area is somewhat less.

For American Tables please see exact table measurements as they are much bigger than UK style tables and the description size relates to the playing surface not the outer dimensions.

A rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of 4 foot cueing room around the table for comfort