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American Pool Tables

American pool tables – The original game of pool played on the most beautiful tables. These high quality slate bed American tables are available at the UK’s lowest online price. We include free delivery, accessories and installation with our American table package.

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The game of American pool is the original and some may argue the best version of pool on the planet. One thing that cannot be disputed is that some of the most beautiful tables on today's market are of American specification.

Many of these tables have the finest designs and styles available. The variety and range are enormous, right from the most traditional carved wood tables to sleek and elegant modern designs.

Here at Homegames we feel we can offer the complete spectrum. We have models, styles, and sizes for all environments and from some of the most trusted names in Billiards. The game of 9 ball pool is played worldwide. In the UK, the smaller English pool tables are more popular from a space point of view, but if the room is available and you are looking for the ultimate centrepiece then these are for you.

English and American pool tables are very different. The English table is smaller in size, has smaller pockets and uses smaller balls. The US version of pool is far more of a potting game in comparison to the British game, which tends to be more tactical.

American tables come in 3 sizes. Select between a 7ft, 8ft or 9ft model. The size of the American table relates to the playing surface and not the overall table size like it does when referring to an English table. The 9ft version is the official competition size table. They use this size model in all world pool events such as the Mosconi Cup. The bigger playing area means that larger balls are required. A 2 and a quarter inch set is used instead of the standard 2 inch balls used in the UK. The pockets are, therefore, larger on the USA tables which tend to make the game a true and fast potting game.

American tables also use a different cloth to British made tables. A faster, napless cloth called 'Speed' cloth is fitted to all American pool tables as standard. This is a hard wearing felt made from a combination of wool and nylon. The UK tables have a higher density wool cloth fitted. It is very similar to snooker cloth, and the wool fibers lie in one direction, which provides a nap.

We take great delight at being official distributors to some of the world's finest American table suppliers. These include the superb Dynamic models, Sam billiards, Buffalo and Toulet tables.

Due to the size and weight of American pool tables, all products come with free delivery and professional installation. We use expert fitters who are extremely experienced in setting up these types of table. This guarantees a superb level and lifetime of high-quality gameplay.