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Juke Boxes

No games room is complete without being able to play your favourite music. A jukebox makes the perfect centre piece. We sell professional quality, top of the range Jukeboxes from companies like Sound Leisure. Take a look at the beautiful 1950s style 1015 Jukebox. All models have modern technology and include things like iPod docking stations and more. Our range has a jukebox for everyone. As well as top end boxes we also distribute affordable family jukeboxes with free delivery.

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Jukeboxes From Homegames

Here at Homegames we have a real passion for Jukeboxes. They are the most iconic of games room products, and we love everything about them.

We can offer a superb range of quality jukeboxes to suit all locations, budgets and styles. We offer models from the UK's biggest manufacturer Sound Leisure.

We personally deliver all Jukeboxes nationwide. Our dedicated installers have years of experience in handling these products and can offer the finest service available. This will include removing any transport brackets and taking away all packaging.

We are enthusiasts of all jukeboxes. We have many models in our available including the iconic replica 1015 bubble jukebox. Whilst retro may be all the fashion, the technology, has certainly moved with the times. In today's market, you can choose from the traditional vinyl record jukeboxes, CD or even iPod jukeboxes. You can also select from LED lighting packages, matching speakers as well as Bluetooth and Wireless technology. In other words, you can fully customise your purchase.
Sound Leisure Jukeboxes

The Origins of the Jukebox.

The origins of the Jukebox can be traced back to New Jersey in 1877. A soon to be world famous 30-year-old named Thomas Edison was tinkering around with some scientific machinery in his converted barn. Whilst trying to repeat Morse code characters, which were recorded on paper by indentations, he found, that when the paper was turned with great swiftness the machine gave off a humming noise that resembled human talk. At once, he realised that the problem of registering human speech was solved. Thrilled by his discovery Edison built equipment over the next few months to record the human voice. After 4, months, he uttered the historic words ‘Mary had a little lamb’ into his invention. He adjusted the machine, rotated the crank and to his delight the rhyme was repeated back to him. The Edison speaking phonograph was invented. By the early 1890's, this was combined with the newly invented coin slot mechanism to produce the first coin-operated phonograph. This represented the true humble beginnings of the Jukebox.

In the late 1920s, the electrically amplified automatic phonographs began appearing. These became extremely popular in the solely black “Jook Joints” of America. Until their introduction, it was very difficult for Black Americans to listen to artists of their origin. Rather than hiring a band, the Jook Joints would ask to hire the phonographs so they could listen to artists such as Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, Jelly Roll Morton and Billie Holiday. The popularity meant that the venues would be full, and they could also earn some extra cash from cash box takings. Its popularity soon spread and quickly became the norm.

The jukebox was born, and within 10, years it would become a dominant theme in American life.

The 1930s and 1950s were truly golden periods for Jukeboxes. Inspired by companies such as Seeburg, Rock-Ola and Wurlitzer the Jukebox became a national favourite.

The 1930s saw the end of prohibition in the States. The beer and good times returned, and this inspired jukebox sales, and technology progression. The 1950’s brought the American Diner, Cadillac’s, Rock N Roll and Elvis. This heavily influenced styles and brought the cool factor to the Jukebox.

Jukeboxes have been popular in Britain for many years. The UK pub remains the home of the nation’s jukebox. However, over the last 20 years, the UK has seen a decline in the pub market, and this has created a huge rise in sales and models produced for the home. There has never been a better time to buy a jukebox for the home.
Jukejoints are the home of the Jukebox

Type of Jukeboxes

The CD jukebox remains the countries best selling model. These beautiful machines will usually hold between 60 and 100 CD’s, providing hours of playable music, whilst retaining the classic styles from a bygone era.

Most models have 2 x 150 watt deep bass speakers that provide a crystal clear sound. They are built for commercial purposes and will comfortably play music all day long, 365 days a year.

Nearly all models are now available with an iPod or USB docking station. This means that you have an opportunity to play all your latest digital music straight through the jukebox. This is a popular option for parties and the family get together.

The jukebox also comes with a commercial coin mechanism as standard. Whilst most prefer to have it set on free play in the home, you do have the option of using it as a money box if required.

Vinyl jukeboxes carry the same modern day technology as the CD boxes but will instead hold between 50 and 100 seven inch singles. This is a very popular choice for vinyl lovers and a great way to show off your single collection.

The boxes all come with card label technology so that you can create labels for each single or CD that you load onto the jukebox.

Bespoke Jukeboxes.

We are an official UK partner of Sound Leisure. They are regarded as one of the world’s finest producers of home and commercial jukeboxes. They can also fully customise your jukebox.

A bespoke box can be produced, to, perfectly fit your room décor. It is possible to customise the front glass of the jukebox with text and logos of your choice. The cabinet wood can also be matched exactly to your taste. Nearly all wood colours can be sourced at request.

As well as this they have a diamond LED lighting package which brings your jukebox to life. Please just contact us for further details on customisation.


Whilst we always try to carry a good stock of jukeboxes, it is not always possible to have all models immediately available. This means that many are built to order and there is often a lead time between 4 and 6 weeks from ordering. A small wait time in order to get the jukebox of your dreams.