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Sound Leisure 1015 Slimline Jukebox - 80 Disc CD Jukebox

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Product Information

Product Information

The Sound Leisure 1015 Slimline 80 CD Jukebox

The iconic 1015 slimline jukebox from Sound Leisure is a replica of the famous 1946 Wurlitzer 1015. This stylish box is designed with todays modern technology and provides a truly superb sound. It has a slimline cabinet which allows it to fit comfortably into most spaces.

The 1015 holds up to 80 CDs in a rotating rack. The Jukebox includes a remote control, shuffle pay facility, and aux inputs to plug in a microphone. The sound is played through 5 bass speakers and it has a powerful Mk7 150w stereo amplifier. It also has connections for up to 6 speakers.

This popular model will be the centre-piece of any room and will provide hours of fun and entertainment for all. The Jukebox includes delivery and installation as well as software to print out the CD name cards.

Get the big looks and big sound of the nostaligia 1015 in a smaller package.

Jukebox Features

  • Free delivery and assembly
  • 1015 design is inspired by the 1946 Wurlitzer 1015
  • Slim cabinet body  54cm
  • Hand crafted cabinet manufactured fully in the UK
  • Bubble Tubes for superb effect
  • Aluminium speaker grill and aluminum base
  • 21st Century 80 disc Jukebox CD Mechanism (simplest in the world)
  • D4 Digital Amplifier :  4 Channels, 60W RMS per channel
  •  2 x tweeter, 2 x mid-range and 1 x 12" Twin cone bass speaker
  • Option to connect additional external speakers
  • Remote Control for home use
  • 80 disc rotating display title rack
  • Shuffle play facility
  • 2 stereo auxiliary audio inputs.  
  • 1 stereo audio output.

Jukebox Dimensions:

  • Height: 1515mm
  • Width: 850mm
  • Depth: 540mm
  • Weight: 130KG


  • 1 year against parts
  • 1 year against manufacturing faults

Customise your Jukebox with our Diamond Pack Lighting System

Make your classic jukebox shine even more brightly with our LED lighting system

To really make your jukebox light up in a blaze of glory, you'll want the Diamond Pack lighting option. Our bespoke low heat and low watt system uses the latest programmable LED technology and lets you create a custom lightshow to suit any mood. Music has never been so colourful!

The Diamond Pack lighting system is available on all new jukeboxes and really must be seen to be believed.

As well as custom colours you'll have preset lighting patterns at your fingertips, including:

      • Antique: the classic look, with a rotating colour scheme in the side pilasters that replicates the original 1940s jukeboxes.

      • XI: a modern look for the iPod age featuring dramatic fades between soft blues, pinks and greens to dynamic deep purples and reds.

      • Disco Lightshow: the party setting! Enjoy a spellbinding display as the entire cabinet pulses in time to your chosen music.

      • And more!
















Customise your Jukebox with our integrated iPod dock

Your iPod and jukebox will live in perfect harmony with our iPod dock

Sound Leisure iPod Dock

The iPod has certainly changed the way we experience music. But why plug it into a small pair of plastic speakers when you could plug it into a full-throated, classic jukebox? Our iPod docking system lets you do just that. You get all the convenience and simplicity of your iPod with the dramatic looks and terrific sound of your vintage machine.

Our iPod docks are wired into the jukebox amplifier so they offer the same sound and power as the CD system. If you want to switch inputs, no problem: the iPod will fade out, then smoothly fade in again once your CD choices have played. We even provide remote controls for CD and iPod, so you have total control from the comfort of your chair. All your music, all together. Easy!

sample photos onlySound Leisure iPod Dock  Sound Leisure iPod Dock  Sound Leisure iPod Dock


Bluetooth Wireless Kit

Our Bluetooth connection kit allows you to wirelessly link your smart phone or tablet to the Jukebox to play your catalogue of hits. This Bluetooth kit allows you to sit in the comfort of your sofa whilst selecting song after song to play on the jukebox. This is the preferred option if you do not require an iPod docking station.

Customise your Jukebox with with your own branded Glass - Add a touch of glass.Sound Leisure iPod Dock

Our custom glass service lets you add that personal finishing touch to your jukebox. Whether it's a name, an image or a message, we can create it for you. You can tell the world the story behind your jukebox, and every time you see it you'll know your music machine is one-of-a-kind.

Sound Leisure iPod DockGive us a call to find out more about your custom glass options or add it to your selection when ordering the jukebox and we will call you back to establish your exact requirements.

Customise your cabinet wood colour - Special Finish of your choice.

We can offer a delightful range of cabinet colour finishes. We offer a standard light and medium Oak at no extra cost and a wide range of other colours at an additional charge. Please just select the required finish from the drop down menu when ordering.

Click on image below to enlarge colour chart swatch.

Jukebox Colour Swatch Chart

Pre-Loaded CDs and Title Cards

This option allows you to fill your Jukebox with 80 pre-loaded CDs and matching title cards. Two package options can be offered of brand new discs all from the original artists.

Option 1 - The 80 disc Oldies selection includes a fabulous range from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. A mixture of the most popular genres such as Rock n roll, Jive, 60s pop, Country and much more.

Option 2 - The Decades package includes great music from original artists from the 50s to the 00s. A broad spectrum of genres that covers most tastes. This mixture includes Punk, Rock and much more throughout the decades. 

This is a great way to really get your jukebox up and running from the day of delivery.

Complete The Look with a Pair of Nostalgia Speakers

One of the unique accessories Sound Leisure offers to complete the nostalgic look and sound of your jukebox. These incredible retro styled speakers offer the best of nostalgic styling but with the latest in speaker technology. Beautifully crafted to the same style and quality as the Classic Jukebox range, these speakers are the perfect partner to your Sound Leisure classic Jukebox. 

Sound Leisure Speakers

Speaker Dimensions

Bookshelf Speaker :

      • Height = 370mm (14 1/2")

      • Width = 310mm (12")

      • Depth = 240mm (9 1/2")

Floorstanding Speaker :

      • Height = 675mm (26 1/2")

      • Width = 310mm (12")

      • Depth - 240mm (9 1/2")

1015 Speakers :

      • Height = 540mm (21")

      • Width = 380mm (15")

      • Depth - 270mm (10.5")

      • Weight = 13.3kg

TeardropSpeakers :

      • Height = 440mm 
      • Width = 220mm 
      • Depth - 120mm
      • Weight = 1.6kg

Magic Label Software

Create your own Jukebox labels with Sound Leisure's 'Magic Label'

Card Creator jukebox Label Software

You will receive a free 12 month subscription to Sound Leisure;s Label Magic software. This allows you to produce customised, attractive labels for your Jukebox. It is quick and easy to use and provides beautiful results.

The software has an in depth search facility which allows you to track an album by an artists name, title or even track name.

This fantastic label software even allows you to style every label to your requirements. It really does add a professional and personal feel.

The subscription is free for 12 months and if you wanted to renew after this it would cost an extra £12 per year.

Label Magic Image

Label Magic Image 1