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Pool Accessories

Our pool table spares and accessories range come from leading brands at competitive prices. We can offer the complete range of table spares for any model including English and American pool tables. We stock all the essentials including: chalk, cues, balls, covers, cleaners, racks, triangles, lighting and much more. All our pool accessory order comes with free and fast delivery.

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Homegames stock a huge variety of pool table spares and accessories. We like to think that we have something for everyone and can fulfil all requirements for the keen cue sports fan.

All our products come with free delivery and include VAT. There are no hidden surprises at checkout. The price you see is the price you pay.

As well as stocking a large range of pool and snooker products we offer some of the most competitive prices online. We buy our accessories directly from source and regularly check competitors prices to make sure we have the best deals on the market.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or just require further details on any products then please feel free to give us a call on 0161 477 6691 and our friendly staff will be happy to help out.


We stock a nice range of pool and snooker cues for players of all abilities. This range includes a great selection of English pool cues, Snooker Cues, American Pool Cues all available in a selection of sizes.

Included in the range are basic bar cues, these are available from 36 inches in size up to 57 inch full size.

Choosing the correct cue can really enhance your playing performance. Selecting the perfect size, weight, tip and brand will really improve your game.

Pool Table Cloth

Playing cloth can make a huge difference to how your pool table performs. A poorly made cloth will guarantee disappointing results when playing pool.

We only stock and sell the finest range of table cloth on today’s market. Homegames do not distribute cloth unless we can guarantee its quality. We supply from the UK’s finest suppliers, Strachan and Hainsworth and we are also the main UK agents for Simonis speed cloth.

As well as standard cloth we can also offer a great range of branded logo cloth and we also offer a bespoke cloth branding service.

We offer cloth for all locations and can even provide a fitting service if required. Our cloths can be fitted on all Standard English pool tables, American pool tables and Snooker tables. Whatever your cloth requirements we have the solution.

Pool Balls and Snooker Balls

Our comprehensive range of pool and snooker balls cover all customer needs. We stock full size 2 inch pool ball sets, 2 ¼ inch American sets as well as a good selection of 2 1/6 inch Snooker balls.

We are an official UK partner of the finest ball manufacturer in the world ‘Saluc’. Saluc produce the Aramith ball range and we import and stock the full range.

It is not just the world’s finest balls that we can offer our customers. We also distribute a selection of affordable ball sets

If you require a set of world championship balls or just a cheap and cheerful entry level set we have it all.

Pool Table Covers

It is important to keep your pool table in the best possible condition. Pool table cloth is the most delicate part of the table and using a good quality table cover will not only maintain the finest playing conditions but also avoid potential cloth damage.

We have a fine range of covers for all models. We have covers available for 6ft pool tables, 7ft pool tables, 8ft pool tables, 9ft pool tables as well as 10ft and 12ft snooker covers.

As well as protecting the table from general wear and tear, a cover is essential if the table is exposed to sunlight. This will prevent any sun damage or fading to the cloth and top frame.

Cue Cases

If you have made the wise investment of purchasing a superior pool or snooker cue then a good quality case is essential. Our range of soft and hard cases will guarantee first class protection against all knocks scrapes and scratches.

We would highly recommend a good sturdy case for all players. If you have your own table or are a club member then a cue case will avoid any damage in the home or on your travels.

We have everything from the basic soft cue cases to professional top of the range cases.

Cue Racks and Scoreboards

A great way to finish off your games room is by adding a stylish cue rack or scoreboard.

A good quality cue rack will serve several purposes. Firstly it will keep the pool room neat and tidy and stop cues from lying around the room. More importantly it will avoid potential damage to cues. It will stop cue scuffs and scratches and avoids accidental cue tip damage.

A wall mounted scoreboard is a nice edition to your games room. Ideal for snooker but also a very popular in today’s pool rooms. Purchase a set of 10 red snooker balls for pool and you are all set to go.

Cue Rests

A cue rest is essential for Snooker. The vast playing area of a 10ft or 12ft snooker table makes this a required product.

A rest is not as necessary for playing pool but it can come in handy when faced with tight angles and hard to reach shots. It can also make a superb playing aid for smaller children struggling to reach or novice’s just learning the game.

Avoid a potential cloth rip by investing in one of our quality made rests.

We sell cross rest heads, spider rest heads, extended spider rests, swan rests and even flexi rests. We can sell as individual rest heads or on a rest stick.

Cue Chalk

Players of all abilities agree on one thing when it comes to cue sports. A cue without chalk is just not acceptable. We stock a great range of quality chalks from the finest manufactures from around the globe.

We have hard chalk, soft chalk, budget chalk and branded chalks. We also stock a large variety of colours.

Although green remains the popular choice we would always recommend purchasing a chalk colour to match your table cloth. This will avoid hard removing chalk marks.

Cue Tips

There is no point investing in quality chalk if the tip you are putting it on is inferior. A quality tip can make all the difference to your game. A well chalked superior tip will allow expert ball control and provides the professional touch.

We stock a wide range of tips including the ever popular Elkmaster and Blue Diamond. 

Ball Triangles

If you are looking to upgrade your triangle then we have something for everyone. We stock an affordable range of pool triangles and diamonds. We can cater for UK pool with a selection of plastic and wooden products. We also have snooker and American sizes all with free delivery and in a variety of colours.

Pool Table Care

This is possibly the most important section of our accessory range. Pool tables are not cheap and can be very expensive to repair or recover. Take a look at our table care product range to see if we have something to help you.

We stock many products designed to maintain and improve your playing experience. Select from a range of brushes, rail brushes, cleaners, covers and much more.

Pool Table Lighting

Pool lighting can have a big impact on your playing experience. A well lit table can bring life to your table on a dark evening. We stock a modest but effective range of lights.

Lighting can really enhance your table and make it the perfect centrepiece in your games room.

Pool Table Trolleys

Everybody realises that slate bed pool tables are heavy. Sometimes however people do not quite realise just how heavy they are. Most tables weigh over 200kg. This makes moving the table on a regular basis almost impossible.

With a pool trolley you can easily wheel the table around the room without the worry of hurting your back. Simply slide the trolley underneath the table, jack it up and you are ready to roll.

A trolley will also stop the temptation to drag the table across the floor. This is a sure way to cause leg damage and weaken the stability of the table.

Before purchasing a trolley please check that they are compatible with your pool table. They are only suited for deeper bodied models. Please see the product listing to check the extended trolley height.

If you wish to contact us regarding any table accessories on our site then we are only a phone call away. Please feel free to get in touch on 0161 477 6691 or email us at