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Published: 30/11/2018

Pool Table Installation

We always recommend that you have your pool table professionally and fully installed by us. If, however, you have chosen to fit your own pool table, below is a guide to setting it up.



1. Remove the Top Frame. To remove the top frame from the cabinet, you need to unclip the toggles that lock it in place. The toggles are usually placed at the table end and either side of the cabinet.

2. Attaching the Legs. After removing the legs from the inside of the cabinet secure each one to the four corners of the table by placing the leg bolt through the pre-drilled holes in the base.

Please ensure you have adequate people on hand to help with this. Fix the legs in place by fully tightening the nut provided, onto each leg bolt. This is very important.

3. Position the Table. Set the table into place by lifting & do not drag the table. It is best to do this before installing the slate. When the table is in position place a spirit level across the inner beams and level by adjusting the screw feet before the slate is inserted into the table

4. Remove Accessories. If you have not already done so remove any accessories from inside the table. This should include cues, balls, and triangle.

5. Fit the Slate. The pool table slate is the most substantial part of the table. Please do not attempt to fit this without using a minimum of two to four strong people. Fit the slate to the table by placing it on the slate support beams. Most tables have guide blocks to put the slate between.

6. Re-Fit Top Frame. Align the top frame with the slate pockets before toggling the frame down. The Top Frame is securely fixed to the table by re-attaching the six toggles. These are the same toggles that you released to take off the top frame, but to access them now, you will now have to use the hand holes cut out under the base of the table and the ball return area. Reach up inside the cabinet to locate them and re-toggle to lock don the top frame.

7. Levelling. The easiest way to level your table is to use a spirit level and adjust the feet on the pool table legs. The feet can be adjusted by turning them clockwise to raise the table and anti-clockwise to lower.

8. Brushing. When brushing a wool cloth, always work the brush up the table in one direction, away from the 'D' area. This will keep the wool fibres lying in one direction and retain the nap of the cloth.

For useful tips on maintaining your pool table see our ‘maintenance guide’.

You are now ready to play. We hope you enjoy your table. If you require any help with installation please just contact our technical team direct on 0161-477-6691.