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Supreme pool tables have been manufactured by Heywood pool and snooker for over 25 years. Based in Heywood in Lancashire they have been supplying pool tables to businesses and homes in the UK and abroad for many years. They are regarded as one of the most dependable manufacturers and guarantee a stylish and quality design-build.

Supreme pool tables are made in one of the most modern, high-tech manufacturing plants in the industry. The company has heavily invested in the most exquisite machinery, product parts and staff training over many years. This ensures a fantastic tournament standard pool table that will last a lifetime.

The Supreme winner pool table is one of the best selling models and is also a veteran tournament table. This model has been used for many years in the World 8 ball pool championships and the UK 8 ball pool tour. To qualify as a championship table requires that the production has to be not only precise and accurate, but also meet the high standards and specifications set by the world 8-ball tournament federation.

Along with the Winner pool table, Heywood pool and snooker also produce the ever-popular Prince model. The prince pool table can be seen in many pubs and clubs throughout the country and is a first-class commercial table, as well as a stunning home free play table.

Supreme pool tables are a leading force at home and abroad. They are a firm favourite with UK pool table operators as well as many overseas suppliers. These tables are shipped throughout Europe to countries including France, Spain and Morocco.

Homegames highly recommend Supreme pool tables and regard them as some of the finest UK slate tables available. Not only do customers love them, but they are also a firm favourite with our pool table fitters (high praise indeed). The precise engineering of these tables’ means they go together with minimum ease, which also eliminates any future service issues.

So we have established that Supreme pool tables are a well made hot table, but they do not stop there. Rather than cheapening the table by using inferior cloth or accessories they do precisely the opposite. With all Supreme tables, you are guaranteed to receive the world-famous Aramith pool balls and Strachan pool table cloth. Aramith balls are the best balls available bar none, and Strachan cloth is the world-renowned UK produced baize. If it is good enough for the World snooker finals at the crucible, then it is good enough for you.

It is the attention to detail that makes Supreme a stand out manufacturer. Years of engineering by skilled designers and craftsmen have guaranteed that when you by a Supreme table you are buying quality. If you require any further details about these tables or would even like to visit the manufacturers, please just give us a call.