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Simonis Pool Cloth -7ft, 8ft, 9ft USA Pool Sizes - Various Colours

Simonis Speed Cloth - Swatch Chart
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Product Information

Product Information

Simonis USA 7ft, 8ft or 9ft Pool Cloth - Bed & Cushion Set - Various Colours

We are the UK's main stockist of Simonis American speed cloth. We can offer a host of colours and sizes at low prices. We hold rolls of many cloth colours and can pre cut 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft American size cloth in either Simonis 760 or Simonis 860 cloth.

All our sets include a 1 x pre cut 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft USA bed cloth and 6 x pre cut to size cushion strips to allow quick and easy recovering.

PLEASE BE AWARE - It is important to know what size pool table you have before ordering. Unlike the English game of pool where we talk about the overall size of table, the American table size relates to the actual slate size. In other words a 9ft USA table with have an actual playing surface of 9ft long. If you are at all unsure of your table size please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Simonis cloth is regarded as the finest speed cloth on the market. It is used in the majority of 9 ball professional events throughout the world. The main cloth that is used in televelised tournaments including events such as the Mosconi cup is the Simonis Tournament Blue 860 Cloth. This is by far the best selling of all the American cloth sets.


Simonis have two flagship makes of cloth. This cloth is called Simonis 760 or Simonis 860. We stock certain colours in different types of this cloth. When ordering your colour from the dropdown menu you will see if the cloth colour is stocked in either 760 or 860 finishes.

The basic difference between 760 and 860 is the ratio of wool and nylon in the cloth. The 760 cloth has 30% nylon and 70% wool. The 860 has 10% nylon and 90% wool. This means that 760 is slightly faster and more hardwearing cloth than the 860. 760 cloths tend to be the choice for UK pubs and 860 is mainly used in professional events. Below is more detailed information about these two styles.

860 Cloth

The Simonis 860 cloth is used in nearly every professional 9 ball tournament throughout the world including The Mosconi cup and the GB 9 UK Tour and many more.

This championship cloth is made from 90% wool and 10% nylon and weighs 410 g/m2. It provides a true, fast, quality playing surface. It not only looks great but will ensure the best possible performance from your table.

760 Cloth

Simonis 760 cloth is very popular with UK pubs. It is made up of 70% wool and 30% nylon. The extra nylon in this cloth ensures it is very hardwearing and tough. It provides a fast true game and will outlast many inferior cloths. This cloth weighs 355 g/m2.

About Simonis Pool Cloth

Manufactured by Iwan Simonis in Belgium for over 225 years this world class cloth is chosen for virtually all major American pool tournaments seen on TV today. It should be the only choice if you love the game of pool.

If you wish to view the impressive listing of worldwide prestigious events that use this great cloth we would recommend visiting the Iwan Simonis official website.

Simonis sole business is the manufacture of billiard cloth. This means that with over 225 years experience it is safe to say that they really are the true specialists when it comes to making pool cloth. 

Worsted cloth or speed cloth as it is more popularly known has a napless surface which means it is a non directional cloth which produces a true, fast and hard wearing surface. This will provide the best possible game surface for your table and game.

What Is Speed Cloth

Worsted cloth or speed cloth as it is more popularly known has a napless surface which means it is a non directional cloth which produces a true, fast and hard wearing surface.

Made from wool & nylon this cloth ensures great control combined with playability and precision. 

This will provide the best possible game surface for your table and game. 

When would I get my Cloth?

Your cloth will be dispatched within 1 business day. We stock large quantities of this cloth, unlike many sellers which means there is no drop shipping involved or delays for our customers.

Not the cheapest but without a doubt the best you can buy?

You can get cheaper table cloths on and we would not recommend Simonis if you are looking for a budget solution for your table.

If on the other hand you love the game of pool and require a top quality tournament cloth that will provide a great feel and will outlast most other cloths then this is for you.

If you wish to give your table that professional feel then the Simonis range will meet your requirements. 

Will it fit my table - Cloth Cutting Guide

Please be sure that the cloth you are buying will fit the table that you own. Below is a basic guide for you to check before purchase.

Please note that an American table size relates to the products slate size. A 7ft American table has a 7ft playing surface. If you are unsure we would much prefer you asked prior to ordering.




                       USA Sizes



7ft Bed Cloth Cut Size

90 inches x 48 inches

7ft Cushion Stripes

45 inches x 6 inches x 6 pieces



8ft Bed Cloth Cut Size

104 inches x 54 inches

8ft Cushion Stripes

52 inches x 6 inches x 6 pieces



9ft Bed Cloth Cut Size

112 inches x 60 inches

9ft Cushion Stripes

56 inches x 6 inches x 6 pieces

We would always recommend having your cloth professionally fitted by a qualified cloth installer.