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Hard Top Option
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  • No Hard Top Required
  • Include 6ft Wooden Hard Top (+ £420.00)
  • Include 6ft Clear Glass Hard Top (+ £940.00)
  • Include 6ft Frosted Glass Hard Top (+ £1050.00)
  • Include 6ft Pane Glass Hard Top (+ £1050.00)
  • Include 7ft Wooden Hard Top (+ £420.00)
  • Include 7ft Clear Glass Hard Top (+ £940.00)
  • Include 7ft Frosted Glass Hard Top (+ £1050.00)
  • Include 7ft Pane Glass Hard Top (+ £1050.00)
  • Include 8ft Wooden Hard Top (+ £525.00)
  • Include 8ft Clear Glass Hard Top (+ £1000.00)
  • Include 8ft Frosted Glass Hard Top (+ £1100.00)
  • Include 8ft Pane Glass Hard Top (+ £1100.00)
  • Include 9ft Wooden Hard Top (+ £640.00)
  • Include 9ft Clear Glass Hard Top (+ £1275.00)
  • Include 9ft Frosted Glass Hard Top (+ £1300.00)
  • Include 9ft Pane Glass Hard Top (+ £1300.00)
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Billiard Toulet Broadway Slate Bed Pool Table

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1 x Table Brush
1 x Table Cover
2 x Cubes of Chalk
6 x Spare Cue Tips
1 x Set of Rules
1 x Set of Pool Balls
1 x Ball Triangle
2 x 54 Inch Cues
2 x 48 Inch Cues
2 x 42 Inch Cues
Accessory Pack
Included with every
table installation
Product Information

Product Information

Billard Toulet Broadway Slate Bed Pool Table

The beautiful Broadway pool table is manufactured by Billards Toulet in France. It is available as an English or American style table. It comes with free two man delivery and professional installation and also includes a substantial game accessory pack.

This table is produced from African Kobite wood. This is a durable and flawless wood that provides superb strength and style. The pool table can be fully customised to meet your exact requirements. We can offer a great range of table finishes, cloth colours, table sizes, dining tops, and optional dining top stand. This means the table can be made to perfectly suit your location and décor.

This table has a slim line cabinet. The clearance from the underside of the table body to the floor is 63cm. This allows ample leg room for dining. We can offer a stylish range of two piece dining tops to go with the table. This means the table can be transformed from a pool table to a dining table in minutes. A handy dining top stand is also available with the Broadway table.

As you would expect this model provides a first class game of pool. It includes a professional slate bed playing surface, the finest English made pool cloth, and tournament grade cushion rubber. This combination guarantees great performance. The slate is supported with a unique Iron frame allowing excellent table level. The UK 6ft and 7ft size models include a one piece slate playing surface. All other sizes have a sectional 3 piece slate surface.

Toulet tables are produced in Lille, France. They are renowned for producing high quality, desirable pool tables for customers who are looking for a more attractive table. The Broadway is packed with many great features as we outline below:

Table Features

  • Free two man delivery and installation included,
  • Available in either UK or American style models in a range of sizes,
  • Comes in a vast range of high quality table finishes,
  • High quality English cloth in many colour options
  • Professional slate bed playing surface,
  • Tournament grade cushion rubber providing excellent bounce,
  • Unique Iron slate frame supports that offer great table level,
  • Manufactured from Kobite wood that gives excellent strength and style,
  • Optional dining tops in wood, clear glass, or frosted glass,
  • Optional dining top stand holder,
  • 12 Month manufacturers warranty included.

Broadway Slate Bed Pool Table 


The Broadway Pool Table Accessory Package

This table comes complete with either 'UK pool accessories' or with 'American pool accessories'. Both packages include Aramith pool balls.

UK Table Specification Accessory Pack

Pool Table Accessory Pack

Whats in the Pack

  • Pool Balls  A set of quality 2 inch Aramith red and yellow balls
  • 4 Two piece Ash pool cues
  • Quality Pool Ball Triangle
  • Box of cue chalk to match the cloth colour
  • 7ft or 8ft Quality Pool Table Cover,
  • Wall mounted cue rack for 6 cues,
  • Set of Rules
  • Pool Table Brush
  • Pack of spare cue tips
  • Tin of Cloth Cleaner

American Table Accessory Pack

American Pool Table Accessory Pack

What’s in The Box!

  • 1 Aramith Crown Standard pool set
  • 1 bottle of Aramith Ball Cleaner
  • 1 Aramith Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 wooden triangle ball rack
  • 4 two-piece pool cues
  • 1 two-piece bridge stick
  • 1 brass bridge head
  • 1 wooden six-cue rack
  • 1 cue repair kit
  • 4 Aramith chalks
  • 1 10 1/2 table brush
  • 1 official rule book

Cabinet Finish Options

The Broadway table is available in a range of cabinet finishes. This delightful range of colour finishes allows you to fully customise your table to match your décor. Please view the below options and simply select from the drop down menu when ordering.

Please click swatch below to enlarge

Toulet Club Cabinet Finishes



Hainsworth Pool Cloth Logo

This table comes with two cloth options available in a variety of colours.

Option 1. Hainsworth Smart Wool Cloth

Hainsworth smart cloth is a high quality woollen napped cloth. This type of cloth is mainly found on UK style pool tables and snooker tables. It is the ideal choice when buying a UK specification pool table.

Option 2. Hainsworth Elite Pro Speed Cloth

Hainsworth Elite Pro is a high grade speed cloth. Speed cloth is a napless fast cloth that is typically found on American style pool tables. We would highly recommend this type of cloth if you are purchasing an American style table.

Hainsworth Smart Cloth Colour Chart - Click to Enlarge (ideal cloth for American specification tables)

Hainsworth Smart Colour Cloth Chart

Hainsworth Elite Pro Colour Chart - Click to Enlarge (ideal cloth for American specification tables)

Elite Pro Pool Cloth

Toulet Broadway Pool Table Specifications

Billard Toulet Table Dimensions


Pool Table Room Size Guide - Will the Table Fit?

Please see below our recommended room size guide. This provides information on the cue sizes and ideal room size required for an American 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft pool table.

Pool Table Room Size Guide

Optional Pool Dining Tops

The slim cabinet design build allows the table to be used as a stylish dining table. We can offer a selection of 3 beautiful two piece dining tops, which will transform your table from pool table to dining table in a couple of minutes.

The below tops can all be added to your order:

  • Matching Wood Dining Top
  • Clear Glass Dining Top
  • Square Patterned Glass Dining Top

As well as the dining tops we can also offer a handy dining top stand which allows your tops to be safely stored whilst the table is in use.

Dining Top Options


Dining Top Stand Holder

Pool Table Warranty

The Broadway comes as standard with a 12 month warranty. It is very rare that we get any issues with these tables. They are built to last, and once set up they provide a lifetime of superb pool. The lack of mechanical parts makes these tables very reliable and requiring little maintenance.


This table usually takes between 6 and 12 weeks to be delivered from order. These tables are built bespoke to order. We delivery and install nationwide and offer a two man professional delivery service. We will keep you fully informed regarding delivery times and agree a convenient date prior to delivery.

Billard Toulet Pool Tables