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Cabinet Finish
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  • Black Satin Cabinet Finish
  • Custom Colour Satin Cabinet Finish (+ £150.00)
  • Real Wood Veneer Cabint Finish (+ £395.00)
  • Quad Polished High Shine Cabinet Finish (+ £395.00)
Select Option
  • Ball Top Joystick - Black
  • Ball Top Joystick - Red
  • Ball Top Joystick - Clear
  • Bat Top Joystick - Black
  • Bat Top Joystick - Red
  • Bat Top Joystick - Blue
  • Bat Top Joystick - Yellow
  • Bat Top Joystick - Green
  • Servo Joysticks x2 (+ £150.00)
Select Option
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Black
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - White
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Blue
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Green
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Red
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Orange
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Yellow
  • Standard Arcade Buttons - Purple
  • Illuminated Buttons - Blue (+ £90.00)
  • Illuminated Buttons - Green (+ £90.00)
  • Illuminated Buttons - White (+ £90.00)
  • Colour Changing Illuminated Buttons (+ £295.00)
Cabinet Graphics
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  • No Cabinet Panel Graphics
  • Add Custom Side Panel Graphics (+ £250.00)
Control Panel Graphics
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  • No Control Panel Graphics
  • Add Control Panel Custom Graphics (+ £120.00)
Marquee Graphic
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  • Standard Marquee Graphic (Keep Apex name)
  • Add Marquee Custom Graphic (+ £100.00)
Track Ball Controller
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  • No Track Ball Required
  • Add Track Ball Controller (+ £295.00)
Arcade Spinner
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  • No Spinner Required
  • Add Arcade Spinner (+ £125.00)
Additional Controllers
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  • No Additional Controllers
  • 2 x Wired X Box Controllers (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x NES Controllers (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x SNES (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x N64 (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x Mega Drive (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x Sega Saturn (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x GameCube (+ £120.00)
  • 2 x Karaoke mics and Software (+ £195.00)
Light Guns
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  • No Light Guns Required
  • Add 1 Light Gun (+ £125.00)
  • Add 2 Light Guns (+ £240.00)
Next-Gen Technology
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  • Next-Gen Technology not required
  • Xbox 360 compatibility (+ £195.00)
  • PlayStation 3 compatibility (+ £195.00)
  • Xbox One compatibility (+ £395.00)
  • PlayStation 4 compatibility (+ £395.00)
Speaker Upgrade
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  • Standard Speakers
  • Add BOSE Speaker Upgrade (+ £295.00)
iPhone / iPod Dock
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  • iPhone / iPod Dock not include
  • iPhone / iPod Dock included (+ £295.00)
Bar Stools
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  • Add 1 Bar Stool (+ £85.00)
  • Add 2 Bar Stool s (+ £160.00)
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Apex Media Arcade Machine

Apex Stand Up Arcade Machine
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Product Information

Product Information

Apex Media Arcade Machine

The Apex Media stand up arcade is the perfect choice for customers looking for a stylish games machine with over 800+ built-in games and the capacity for much more. It comes with free delivery and a 12-month warranty. We can also offer excellent client support for this Arcade machine.

Apex Media is a UK handmade machine. It can be fully customised to suit your requirements perfectly. It plays superbly and will provide many years of enjoyment. It includes all of your favourite retro games and has the capacity to add a further 12,000 of your own games.

This attractive slim build machine doubles as a multi-media centre. It includes 4 USB ports which let you connect light guns, trackball controls, MP3 players, and digital cameras. It allows you to surf the web and watch DVDs on its high-def 20-inch screen. It is compatible with music streaming systems enabling you to play your favourite songs. The Apex Media machine runs on the versatile Windows 10. This lies discreetly in the background. However, should you wish to access this we also include as standard a wireless keyboard and mouse.

The cabinet comes finished in a beautiful satin black and chrome finish. However, this arcade machine can be tailored precisely to your requirements. Should you wish to have a different cabinet colour or even personalise it with your own graphics, then we can do this. Unlike many imported overseas machines, this is entirely made in the UK, and that allows us to bespoke your perfect model.

The pre-built in games can be viewed in our games list below. We can also add any particular games that you do not see on the menu at the point of manufacture. Please just let us know your requirements, and we will do the rest.

The Apex is exceptionally user-friendly. It includes easy to navigate games menus. It delivers a crisp sound through its volume controlled powerful 2.1 woofer sound system. It has a large playing control panel that allows two players to enjoy games side by side comfortably. It is a thoroughly well-designed Arcade that will be the showpiece in any office or games room.

Apex Control Panel

Apex Media Features

  • Includes free delivery
  • Standard black and chrome cabinet finish (colour of choice available)
  • Plug and play Arcade machine with over 800 classic games
  • Extensive games list that includes all the favourites
  • Option to add over 7000+ arcade and older console games
  • 4 USB ports for MP3/Digital camera/Device access
  • Built in Microsoft Windows 10 home edition
  • Includes microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Wireless internet card for downloading/internet
  • Option to add PS3 and Xbox 360 compatibility
  • Set-up with i3 processor 2TB hard drive & 4GB RAM + added graphics card
  • Speaker Input/Output for Headphones/ Hi-Fi connection
  • Easy Front Access Built-In DVD-RW
  • Hand finished black cabinet with chrome edging
  • Range of upgraded cabinets available
  • Fully customisable cabinets are also available
  • Large 20-inch HD Arcade Screen – reinforced glass
  • Black leather coated front panel for a superb finish
  • Apex marquee graphic at top of cabinet (can also be customised if required)
  • Reinforced glass cabinet screen
  • Choice of buttons and Joysticks
  • Angled control panel for 2-players providing maximum comfort
  • Illuminated Arcade fan cooling system
  • Custom game selection menu
  • Excellent Woofer Sound System with Volume Control
  • Unlimited first rate client support
  • Full 12 months parts and labout warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Apex Arcade Machine


  • Height of Cabinet – 1650mm
  • Width of Cabinet – 560mm
  • Depth of Cabinet – 640mm
  • Weight of Cabinet 80kg


The Apex Media comes packed with over 800 classic Arcade games. To see a full list of every game that comes as standard on this machine please click on the PDF below.

Click PDF to view full list of games.

List of Games Available

Packed with Classic Arcade Games 

Apex Media Options and Upgrades

ADDING MORE GAMES TO YOUR MACHINE: This Arcade game comes with over 800 favourite arcade games as standard (see games list PDF above). However, it is possible to add thousands of extra games to the machine via Windows compatible software. Apex Media is also compatible with the arcade emulator MAME and other emulators. This allows you to set up the machine to provide nearly every retro game ever produced.

The Apex also allows you to run some older consoles on it such as ATARI 2600, NEO GEO, PC Engine, Sega Master System and Megadrive, Nintendo NES and SNES. Instructions can be supplied on how to get the machine up and running with these extra games.

Apex Media is designed to run over 12,000 games. This includes games from the internet and the consoles mentioned above.

CABINET FINISH & CUSTOMISATION: The Apex cabinet comes in a hand finished black colour as standard. We do offer the option to upgrade to another colour of a wood veneer finish for an additional charge. We can also offer high gloss finishes as well as a metallic finish.

We can also offer custom graphics to go on the Apex cabinet. This is a fabulous way of really making your machine stand out from the crowd. We can offer full side panel graphic design. If you have a custom design in mind please just let us know. We can also customise the marquee graphic at the top of the machine that says Apex. This can be anything from your favourite game to a personal message. Last but not least we can also offer customisation on the control panel.

These options can be selected from our drop down menu. We would then contact you to discuss the cabinet finish or custom graphics. Please note that customisation can add extra days to the delivery lead-time.

ARCADE GAME BUTTONS: The Apex machine comes with traditional concave buttons in many colours. We can offer the buttons in either black, white, blue, red, green, orange, purple or yellow at no extra cost. We can also offer the option to upgrade to illuminated buttons in either blue, white or red.

ARCADE JOYSTICKS: We offer a choice of Joysticks with our Bespoke Arcade machines. At no extra cost we can supply the machine with the standard American style bat joysticks or with the ball top joysticks. The other option is to upgrade to a pair of Servo joysticks for an extra charge. The images of the joysticks can be viewed in our picture gallery.

TRACKBALL CONTROLLER:  If you would like to play classic games such as Missile Command, Centipede, Millipede and many more in the way that you used to play them then you may well be interested in a trackball controller for your Apex machine.  This great addition can be plugged in via the USB ports as well as used on any compatible device to play all the best trackball games.

SPINNER:  If you are a fan of breakout games such as Arkanoid or your favourite game ran via a spinner then we can add one to your control panel so you can have the authentic feel that you remember.

LIGHT GUNS: If you wish to add light guns to your order please just select from the drop down menu. We can provide either a single gun or a pair of guns.  This includes full installation and set-up so all you have to do is plug them in and prepare to take aim.

SPEAKER UPGRADE: The Apex Arcade machine is fitted with standard high quality speakers. However, if you would like to upgrade to the finest BOSE speakers then this can be done. With BOSE speakers you are guaranteed a superb sound.

NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGY: It’s not just retro games that can be played on your arcade machine. If you want to give a modern feel to your classic arcade machine then just add the next-gen technology. This will allow you to combine both retro and modern gaming.

It is easy to switch between arcade mode and console mode. The next-gen technology supports the following consoles. Please just select the one required from the drop down menu when ordering.

  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4

ADDITIONAL CONTROLLERS: Console pads – We can also add console pads for older games consoles such as the N64, NES, Megadrive, SNES and Saturn. These can be fitted with a USB adaptor so you can enjoy old favourites exactly how you used to. Please see our picture gallery for images of the controllers.

We can also include some Karaoke mics and the software if you want to turn your Apex machine into a Karaoke machine. This is a great feature if you’re having a party.

iPOD/iPHONE BUILT IN DOCKING STATION: Get the party started with a built in iPhone/iPod docking station. This allows you to utilise full multimedia capabilities of your Apex machine. The docking station is recessed into the main cabinet at the front. Please see our image gallery for a photo of this.

Apex Control Panel

Which Apex Model?

The Apex Arcade Machine comes in 3 models. The cabinet is identical on each model but the specifications and technology does vary on the 3 versions. As well as the Apex Media we can also offer the Apex Play and the Apex Elite.

If you would like to know the main differnces between each of these 3 models please click on the below PDF link to view our comparison table.

Click PDF link to view our comparison table

Apex Arcade Model Comparison Chart


This machine can be delivery in approximately 3-4 weeks from order. If you require it for a specific date then please let us know as we may be able to help. If you require custom graphics adding to your machine then it usually adds on an extra week to the delivery time.

The Arcade will be delivered boxed to your house. The standard delivery is kerbside only so you will require adequate people on hand to lift the product into the location as it is heavy. If this is not possible please let us know as we may be able to upgrade to a premium delivery.

The Arcade machines are plug and play. Simply plug it in and enter your Wi-Fi details and you are ready to go.

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