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  • Simonis Wine (+ £75.00)
  • Simonis Fushia (+ £75.00)
  • Simonis Purple (+ £75.00)
  • Simonis Orange (+ £75.00)
  • Simonis Camel (+ £75.00)
  • Simonis Gold (+ £75.00)
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SAM Magno Pro Tournament American 9ft Pool Table

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Product Information

Product Information

SAM Magno Pro Tournament American Pool Table

SAM American Pool Tables

The Magno Pro professional Tournament pool table is designed for the GB9 UK Tour. This is the official tournament table and a true delight for all serious players. It is a stylish, durable, slate bed table that is used in all official GB9 competitions.

This table includes free delivery, professional installation, and an accessory kit worth over £140. This includes 21/4 inch Aramith pool balls. The table is only available in an official full size 9ft model and comes complete with a single piece slate playing surface and American style drop bucket pockets.

This table only deserves the finest cloth. We provide a range of Simonis quality baizes at no extra cost. This includes the official Tournament Blue 860 Simonis cloth as used in all competitions.

The Magno Pro now incorporates the new K Steel II top frame and cushion assembly to provide a truly flush finish.  The table is produced with marine plywood decor panels and solid oak top rails. These are bonded with scratch and burn resistant Formica.

As you would expect the table is produced to professional standards. This includes K-66 Artemis professional cushion rubber. This provides a consistent and accurate ball response and bounce. The new flush fit pocket design gives a sleek look and precise feel.

This table is designed to suit all locations and is packed with many fantastic features as outlined below:


Table Features

  • Available as a full size 9ft American model
  • Allegro matt table finish
  • Fitted with Simonis speed cloth in a range of colours
  • Constructed from Marine plywood and coated in quality Formica
  • Scratch resistant top frame rails made from solid oak wood
  • K-66 Artemis professional cushion rubber for superior bounce and performance
  • Single piece diamond honed slate bed playing surface
  • Seamless top frame and pocket plate joints
  • Manufactured to professional specifications and used in official GB9 Tour events
  • Ideal for homes, clubs, tournaments, snooker halls, and most commercial venues
  • Includes a 12 month manufacturers warranty

 GB9 Official Tour Table EPBF Tour Logo


Pool Table Accessories

Dynamic Pool Table Accessory Pack

  • 1 x Aramith 2 1/4 Inch Spots and Stripes Pool Balls
  • 4 x Pool Cues
  • 1 x Ball Triangle
  • 1 x Box of Pool Chalk
  • 1 x Cue Rack
  • 1 x Pool Table Cover
  • 1 x Cloth Cleaner
  • 1 x Pack of Cue Tips
  • 1 x Pool Table Brush


This table comes fitted with Simonis tournament grade pool cloth. Simonis is the cloth of choice on the majority of professional 9 ball events. The Tournament blue cloth is the flagship colour and is used in tournaments such as the Mosconi cup.

We offer a large variety of colours at no extra charge.

Simonis pool table cloth swatch


Room Size Guide

Below is a guide to the size of room space required to fit your pool table. If you require further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

American Pool Table Room Size Guide



SAM Magno Tour Table Specifications

9ft Table

Playing Surface Dimensions

127 x 254cm

Table Length


Table Width


Table Height

80 - 82.5cm

Table Weight



We aim to deliver and install this table within 4 weeks of ordering. The setting up of this model will be carried out by some of the UKs most experienced table fitters. The whole process will take around 4 hours to complete.

We will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time prior to delivery.

Free Professional Installation With This Table