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Arcade Mania Sitdown Cocktail Cabinet Games Machine

Arcade Mania Sitdown Cocktail Cabinet Games Machine
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Product Information

Product Information

Arcade Mania Sitdown Cocktail Games Machine

Bring in all the fun right in the comfort of your own home with the Arcade Mania Sitdown. It has 1- or 2-player options so you can enjoy and play all you want or challenge a friend or a family member to a healthy & fun competition.

Easily select from a wide range of games with a flick of the joystick. Pause the game without losing the game's progress with its pause button. Made from polished chrome with toughened glass top, the Arcade Mania Sitdown can also be used as a functional coffee table when not in use.


  • With digital sounds, visual & dynamic graphic display
  • 1- or 2-player options with dual-sided button consoles
  • Assembled Dimensions: L105 x W74 x H56cm (No assembly required)
  • Can be used as a coffee table when not in use
  • Scroll down with joystick to choose games
  • Cocktail cabinet stools not included as standard

List of Included Games

Power Soccer, Doughboy, F1 Race , Boxing , Wrestle, Popeye, Ninja I, Ninja II, Ninja III, Combat, Mario Bros, Badminton, World Cup Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Wrecking Crew, Lode Runner, Lode Runner 2, Golf, Dr Mario, Mickey Mouse, Ice Hockey, Pro Wrestling, Volleyball, Track and Field

Paper Boy, Spelunker, Seicross, Double Dragon, Scramble, Flipull, Alpine Ski, Arabian, 80 Days, Star Gate, Bowling, Pandamar, Asteroyds, Bomb Jack, Onyanko Town, Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Arkanoid, Contra, Spy Hunter, Street Fighter, Space Hunter, Elevator Action, Spy vs Spy, Gradius, Hydlide, B-Wings, Double Strike, Sky Destroyer, Bomber Man , Duck Eggs, Magmax, The New Type, Contra Force, Heavy Barrel, Wan Wan Panic, Choplifter, Legend Kage, Kung Fu, Star Soldier

Argus, Aladin, Goonies, Lunar Ball , Exed Exes, Excitebike, Son Son, Road Fighter, Turtle 5, Max Warrior, Sqoon, Gyrodine, Tank 90, Raid on Bay, Route 16, Mach Rider, Spartan X, Pooyan, Geimos, Thexder, Challenger, Clu Clu Land, Twinbee, Balloon Fight, Cross Fire, Binary Land, Formation-Z, Galg, Star Force, Jewelry, Exerion, Macross, Circus Charlie, Zippy Race, Nuts and Milk, Chitei Fight, Front Line, Antarctic Adventure, Urban Champion, Flappy, Joust, Knights Fight, Karateka, City Connection, Door Door, 10-Yard Fight, Soccer, Othello, Lolo, Ice Climber, Chack Pop, Devil World, Sasa, Tiger-Heli, Island 2, Calculate, Super Chinese, Volguard II, Penguin, Baltron, Peepar Time, Star Luster

Aso , Babel , Metro-Cross, Sky Kid , Jajamaru, Quarth, Solomon Key, F15 City War, Transformation, Banana, Lotlot, Bokosuka Wars, Gyruss, Urusei, Missile Comand, Space Aliens, Pinball, Multi Labyrinth, 1942, 100m Dash, Long Jump,100m Hurdles, Brush Roller, High Jump, Javelin, Skeet Shoot, Triple Jump & Archery!


The Arcade Mania will delivery takes up to 10 working days from ordering.